Should You Pressure Wash Your Driveway?

There are plenty of reasons why people purchase pressure washers. Some people purchase them to clean decks, patios, walkways, and sidewalks, while other people will use theirs to clean the sides or even the interior of a house.

If you are wondering whether or not you should pressure wash your driveway, there are going to be a few things to consider. In general, the answer is going to be that yes, you should pressure wash your driveway. The question then becomes a matter of how often you should do it and what signs there are that your driveway may need another session of pressure washing.

Knowing When to Pressure Wash Your Driveway

If you are ever worried about whether or not you should use the pressure washer on your driveway, you won’t have to worry that much. One of the main reasons that people purchase pressure washers for their own residential use is to clean their driveways quickly and efficiently. When you think about it, many driveways are fairly large and long, and cleaning the whole driveway with a hose is going to take hours. A pressure washer can take about one hour.

Now that you know that you can use your pressure washer on driveways, you should begin to think about when the best time to clean your driveway is going to be. There are several factors to consider, including the weather and climate of your area, how dirty the driveway already is, and if you are going to need to show the house to anyone who would be interested in purchasing it.

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Climate factors plays a role on when to pressure wash you driveway

The climate factors a big role into when you should be pressure washing your driveway. This is because areas that tend to have heavy, frequent, and humid storms are going to need to clean off their driveway more often. Even places that have mild rains, but on a frequent basis, are going to need to clean off their driveway more frequently than people who live in drier climates.

This is because when it rains or when there is moisture in the air, this creates an environment that mold, mildew, and algae thrive in. This is especially the case when the temperatures are relatively high as well. The problem with this is that most driveways are actually quite the breeding ground, as there are many surfaces for the mold or mildew to grow on, since most driveways are not completely smooth the way that vinyl flooring is.

Pressure wash your driveway every few month

Mold and algae will grow between the cracks, crevices, and dips of your driveway, and when it rains on a frequent basis, you can expect for this to happen every few months and potentially more during the spring seasons.

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With that being said, an environment where the driveway is going to be at an increased risk for needing to be cleaned is going to need more frequent cleanings. If this type of weather describes the area you are in, then you should make sure that you are pressure washing your driveway once every few months to get that problem taken care of before it affects the appearance of the driveway too much.

It can also go without saying that if your driveway is already showing signs that it needs to be pressure washed, then you should go ahead and pressure wash your driveway so that you can enjoy a clean and crisp appearance. The appearance of your driveway can actually have quite the impact on the property value and the curb appeal of your house.

When you are showing and selling the house, a good way to increase the value a little bit is to pressure wash the driveway. Even if it is not dirty enough to warrant a wash, giving it a like-new appearance with the washer will attract more people who may believe that the driveway is actually new.

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More related questions on how and when to pressure wash a driveway

How Often Do People Pressure Wash Their Driveways?

People, on average, will clean their driveways with a pressure washer on a yearly basis. This might happen at the end of the year so that you don’t have to think about it that much, or it may happen at the time of the year where mold and mildew are most prone to grow. Some people may pressure wash their driveway more often than this to keep appearances crisp.

Do You Need Any Special Equipment?

You do not necessarily need anything special to clean your driveway aside from the pressure washer, the appropriate nozzles, and an all-purpose detergent that fits the pressure washer. Depending on the stains on the driveway, you may need a specialized soap, but aside from this, you will not need anything special to get the job done.

How Long Does It Take pressure wash a Driveway?

Unfortunately, there is no set answer on how long cleaning your driveway with a pressure washer will take. The thickness of the grime, the size of the driveway, and the strength of the pressure washer all play a role in this. You can expect that pressure washing a standard driveway would take about an hour or so to get done, but the situation can vary wildly.

Should you pressure wash your driveway?

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